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Dick Grayson

F) In40
A) In40
S) Ex20
E) Rm30
R) In40
I) In40
P) In40

Health: 120 Karma: 120
Resources: Gd Pop: 20

Known Powers:
Stealth: In

Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Shooting, Gd protection vs. Energy, has the following abilities:
-Glider Wings: Gd
Mask: Nightwing's mask has the following abilities:
-Nightvision: Rm Ultra-vision
Collapsible Bo Staff: In material, Rm Blunt, Nightwing is able to utilize this to do the following:
-Deflection: Nightwing can use his staff to deflect arrows and thrown weapons such as shurikens. This action requires a successful Agility FEAT roll.
-Throws for Ex Blunt damage. With a successful Agility FEAT, Nightwing can ricochet his staff off a number of hard surfaces and back to him.
-Energy Blast: Rm Energy or Force, 1 area
Utility Belt: 10 Pouches that carries small items, failsafe in the belt will cause it to explode (Rm damage) and be completely destroyed should the buckle or pouches be opened incorrectly. The Utility Belt contains a wide array of devices such as:
-Batarangs: Rm Thrown Edge or Blunt
-Explosive Batarangs: Rm damage to an entire area
-Grapnel: In material, fires up to 7 areas, used for transportation, Up to 3 areas
-Bat-Cuffs: Rm material, Ty entrapment
-Universal Tool: Used to aid in electronics work. Tip contains various Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, wrenches, lockpicking device, drill bits and other implements. Inside the base are full lineman's kit, multiline analyzers, cell phone analyzers and other electrical analysis gear. Can record and play back audio and video signals. The Universal Tool can be safely used as a hammer.
-Rebreather/Gas Mask: 2.5 hours air supply
-Fingerlight: Ty illumination, can project white, red or infrared light
-Magneseum Flare: Rm Illumination
-Multifunction Binoculars: Magnifies up to 60 times. Equipped with infrared and limited ultraviolet imaging (-2CS to darkness modifiers), as well as frame capture, stop-motion camera, and computer uplink.
-Tape Recorder: 2.5 Hours
-Laser Torch: In intense laser that cuts through In material
-Lockpicks: +1CS to open locks on an Agility FEAT.
-Crime Scene Investigation Kit: Contains sample bags, blood-drying bags, fingerprinting kit, odor-analyzing chromatograph, independent detachable video camera.
-Taser: Delivers Am Electrical
-Smoke Capsule: Ex intensity, 1 area radius. All in the affected area at -2CS to performing actions.

Talents: Acrobatics, Tumbling, Detective/Espionage, All Martial Arts, Wrestling, Disguise/Actor, Resist Domination, Marksmanship, Computers, Forensics, Psychology, Kit bashing, Pilot, Escape Artist, Tracking, Medicine, First-Aid, Law, Law-Enforcement, Criminology, Electronics, Thief, Vehicles, Thrown Weapons, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, Multi-Lingual: (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Contacts: Batman, Speedy, Aqualad, Batgirl

As Robin