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Elongated Man

Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny

F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Rm30
P) Gd10

Health: 70 Karma: 50
Resources: Gd Pop: 20

Known Powers:
Plasticity: Am, Ralph has developed the following power stunts:
-Imitation: In rank
-Dodging: Due to all the stretching that Ralph does during combat, he is considered to have In Agility for the purposes of dodging attacks.
Elongation: Mn, 10 areas
Danger Sense: Rm
Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical, Gd protection vs. Energy


Talents: Detective/Espionage, Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: Batman